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Chapter 13 Attorney Lakewood CO

If a creditor has filed for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy then a possible outcome is liquidation, but if the filing was of a personal nature then it would be under a Chapter 13 code. With a Chapter 13 filing you are entitled to restructure your debt and pay it back to your creditors over a maximum of 5 years. Irrespective of which code the filing is under it will still affect your credit record and will remain on your record for years. A wise course would be to call a Chapter 13 Attorney Lakewood CO and allow them to take on the case and resolve the matter with as little damage as possible. A Chapter 13 filing only applies to individuals and not to businesses. Business filings are under a Chapter 7 code only.

Should you find yourself in financial difficulties then don’t wait until the situation is irreparable call Colorado Legal Associates and enlist her professional and expert advice. If you ignore the financial situation you find yourself in it won’t just go away. There is always the possibility that your creditors will attach your assets and sell them to service your outstanding debts. Call an attorney immediately and they will advise you on what steps can be taken to prevent your assets being attached. Providing that you have a steady income then your debts can be restructured. Once an attorney has restructured your debts and agreed to a repayment period you will have peace of mind knowing that you won’t lose the assets you worked so hard to purchase. When the debt has finally been settled you will receive a discharge from the courts. Or call a Chapter 13 Attorney Lakewood CO before your financial situation unravels to the point of having lost your assets and you still have the debt on your hands.

Foreclosure on assets is increasing steadily in these poor economic times and to circumvent this happening to you it would advisable to seek legal assistance and let them prevent you from fighting a losing battle for financial survival. They have the expertise and experience to prevent a critical financial situation from developing into a fight for financial survival but minus all your assets. If you think that bankruptcy is the only way out then let that be the absolute last resort. There are options open to you and you would be well advised to seek legal help before your financial situation is beyond repair.

There are no ‘quick fix’ options available but there are options never the less and your creditors would prefer to have money repaid than to have to attach and sell them. The most financially intelligent option would be to call a Chapter 13 Attorney Lakewood CO and let them take on your case and resolve all the issues surrounding your financial woes without losing everything you possess and putting your family under even more pressure. Contact them today, not tomorrow, but today!!