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When a business owner or an individual cannot or will not service their debts then the creditors or even the individual concerned can file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The downside to filing for any bankruptcy affects your credit report and should be avoided if at all possible. If you are faced with this situation it would be in your interests to seek the advice and help of a Chapter 7 Lawyer Lakewood COwho will advise you on the process of the filing and the implications. A Chapter 7 filing by a creditor against a business or individual would mean that the business would cease to operate unless placed by law in the control of a trustee who will appointed by the courts. If a trustee is not appointed the next step would be filing for liquidation or alternatively selling off the business or assets to settle the company debts. The individual may lose all his fixed assets if he faces a similar situation.

If a creditor is owed money by an individual a Chapter 7 filing is similar to that of a business except that the courts would allow the individual to retain certain tangible property with preset conditions or restrictions. However if the situation is not resolved then the consequences would be liquidation and bankruptcy. If this is what you as an individual are facing then it would be advisable to contact Colorado Legal Associates who are experienced in this field and would advise you on all options available and what the next step in the process would be.

Consumer credit and credit worthiness is a complex issue and can only be made more complex if you are faced with a Chapter 7 filing. If you as a business owner or an individual are faced with serious financial difficulties you can personally file for a straight bankruptcy voluntarily before your creditors do. These and all the relevant issues can be explained to you by a Chapter 7 Lawyer Lakewood CO which would necessitate a consultation with them immediately.

The importance of your credit score is crucial and most debtors only decide to file for bankruptcy when it is already too late and their credit rating is in tatters. An immediate call to a lawyer would be required to try and circumvent destroying you credibility in total. Whatever your situation may be do not wait until it is too late, rather consult the professional who have been successfully servicing your community on a range of legal issues for many years. If a business ceases to operate then there are very few options open to it. The business can file for a Chapter 7 filing, be liquidated or alternatively be placed under a curator or trustee. Whichever option the business chooses it would require the services of a Chapter 7 Lawyer Lakewood CO to explain to the owners of the business what all the alternative options present, and to resolve the issue surrounding the collapse of the business.