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Estate Lawyer Lakewood CO

If you are wise you will leave a last will and testament stipulating to ensure that there is no dispute as to who gets what from your estate after you are gone. Anyone over the age of majority and who is mentally of a sound mind can create a will. If you have a small or large estate it is in the interests of your beneficiaries to contact an Estate Lawyer Lakewood CO to draw up a will for you and divide your assets for your beneficiaries. There are far too many complex issues if you die intestate or without a will. Also ensure that your original will is left with a responsible person who will produce it when you pass on.

There are certain requirements that you need to take cognizance of when dealing with an estate before or after the passing of the person concerned, it would be advisable to contact Colorado Legal Associates who will explain these to you in detail, and a few of the are

  • The person whose estate planning is being dealt with must prove identity
  • The assets of the estate also need proof of possession
  • All previous estate planning should be revoked
  • That the disposal of assets is being made with a sound mind
  • The estate once drafted must be signed and dated
  • The estate assets as listed in the will must be witnessed by a non beneficiary if required by the State
  • The disposal of the estate must name an executor

Estate planning for a final will and testament is a very important document and should be drafted by an Estate Lawyer Lakewood CO to ensure that there is no dispute amongst beneficiaries after death.
It is inadvisable to draw up your own will which will include all your estate assets as once you are gone you cannot resolve any disputes. Bear in mind that there are issues that cannot be stipulated when planning an estate and there are some that can be and others that must be stipulated, and some of these issues are that no beneficiary is required to do anything illegal in order to inherit. Planning disbursement of an estate cannot be used to disinherit a spouse in a community of property marriage and children can be disinherited when planning your estate. What properties are in a trust account and investment accounts must be detailed. Insurance policies must be accounted for. A will leaving a small or large estate and specific details of beneficiaries should be drafted by a lawyer as they can become very complicated and you can only benefit from a call to an Estate Lawyer Lakewood CO to ensure that your will is true and correct and that it leaves no room for disputes after your death.

One day when you are gone your beneficiaries will be grateful that you had the foresight to draw up a legally binding Last Will and Testament dividing your estate and that you had it drafted by a lawyer with years of experience and the expertise to ensure that there were no disputes surrounding the distribution of your assets. A call to a lawyer is the only option open to you to ensure that your legacy that you leave will be free of disputes and that your Last will and Testament is legally binding.