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Small Business Consultation Lakewood CO

A lawyer can be of invaluable assistance in many business situations, they can assist with the drawing up of the initial contact with your partners when the business first starts up and should things ever go wrong with the partnership at a later date and litigation or even mediation is required they can also be of assistance. Should you be faced with any legal issues then contact a lawyer from Colorado Legal Associates who is in a position to help you. Each individual business is unique and a consultation with a lawyer will determine the complexity of your own needs and how to proceed with them.

If you require a trademark for the business name or even a product that you have then a lawyer would need to draw up the papers and apply for the trademark. Your lawyer will check with the US Patent and Trademark office to ensure that the trademark name is not already register to another enterprise. Perhaps you also require a copyright on some sector or of your trading product then contact a lawyer from Small Business Consultation Lakewood CO who has the expertise and experience to assist you.

Initially you would require a partnership agreement or wish to form an LLC it would be a wise decision to get a lawyer to explain the ramifications of drawing up a partnership agreement. You would also be required to file and register the paperwork to start up a small business such as licenses, permits if they are required, registering your business for tax purposes and applying for an Employer Identification Number. The other issues to consider are contracts for staff you employ, any client contracts or sale contracts and should you wish to make sure that what happens in your business stays in your business then a non-disclosure contract would need to be drafted. If you are in a business with multiple owners then a contract needs to be drawn up between all parties to protect every partner should one partner pass on. A lawyer from Small Business Consultation Lakewood CO has the experience to assist with these various documents.

There are other issues that may necessitate the help of a lawyer and these are if you are forming a corporation as opposed to a straight partnership or LLC as this is a rather complex process. Filing for a patent would also require legal assistance, consult a lawyer to help you evaluate your product and understand what rights you will achieve as this process can be rather drawn out. If there is any litigation which can include dealing with lawsuits by current or former employees or customers, discrimination or harassment lawsuits, environmental lawsuits, government investigations for legal violations then the services of a lawyer are imperative. And finally when you business is on the market a lawyer from Small Business Consultation Lakewood CO can help you with negotiating any sales or lease agreements for your premises and the actual sale of the business.